Nano-Micro Letters

The electrical switching characteristics of single copper tetra-cyanoquinodimethane nanowire

K. B. Zheng1H. T. Shen1C. N. Ye2J. L. Li1D. L. Sun1G. R. Chen1,* Abstract
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Nano-Micro Letters, , Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 23-26
Publication Date (Web): October 15, 2009 (Article)




Figure 1 (A) Optical image of Ni/Au pads array, (B) SEM image showing one nanowire in contact with two pads.

In this paper, method combined vapor transportation with in-situ chemical reaction is employed to synthesize Cu(TCNQ) nanowires. The typical diameter of nanowires is 50-500 nm with high uniformity. The electrical switching characteristics of single nanowire are observed. The ON-OFF resistance ratio for switching reaches 104. The investigation reveals a linear relationship between the switching threshold and the spacing between the two electrodes. The temporal response of the switching process is 30 ns and the switch exhibits good reproducibility. The collapse of the nanowire under the condition of current surge is also discussed. It is believed that the Cu(TCNQ) nanowire could be promising for applications in nanoelectronics.



Cu(TCNQ); Nanowire; Electrical switching; Charge transfer Complexes


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