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Spiral Steel Wire Based Fiber-shaped Stretchable and Tailorable Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Wearable Power Source and Active Gesture Sensor

Lingjie Xie1, #, Xiaoping Chen1, #, Zhen Wen1, 2, *, Yanqin Yang1, Jihong Shi1, Chen Chen1, Mingfa Peng1, Yina Liu3, Xuhui Sun1, *

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2019) 11: 39

First Online: 11 May 2019 (Review)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: (Z. Wen); (X. Sun)





Continuous deforming always leads to the performance degradation of a flexible triboelectric nanogenerator due to the Young's modulus mismatch of different functional layers. In this work, we fabricated a fiber-shaped stretchable and tailorable triboelectric nanogenerator (FST-TENG) based on the geometric construction of a steel wire as electrode and ingenious selection of silicone rubber as triboelectric layer. Owing to the great robustness and continious conductivity, the FST-TENGs demonstrate high stability, stretchability, and even tailorability. For a single device with ~6 cm in length and ~3 mm in diameter, the open-circuit voltage of ~59.7 V, transferred charge of ~23.7 nC, short-circuit current of ~2.67 μA, and average power of ~ 2.13 μW can be obtained at 2.5 Hz. Moreover, the performance maintains the same even after being twisted, bended or streched to satisfy different applicable requirements. By knitting several FST-TENGs to be a fabric worn on the human body or a bracelet worn on wrist, it enables to harvest human motion energy and then to drive a wearable electronic device. Finally, it can also be woven on dorsum of glove to monitor the movements of gesture, which can recognize every single finger, different bending angle, and numbers of bent finger by analyzing voltage signals.



Triboelectric nanogenerator; Stretchable; Human motion energy; Wearable power source; Active gesture sensor

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