Nano-Micro Letters

Wet-chemical Synthesis and Application of Semiconductor Nanomaterial-based Epitaxial Heterostructures

Junze Chen1, Qinglang Ma1, Xue-Jun Wu2, Liuxiao Li1, Jiawei Liu1, Hua Zhang1, 3, *

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2019) 11: 86

First Online: 15 October 2019 (Review)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: (Hua Zhang)





Semiconductor nanomaterial-based epitaxial heterostructures with precisely controlled compositions and morphologies are of great importance for various applications in optoelectronics, thermoelectrics, and catalysis. Until now, various kinds of epitaxial heterostructures have been constructed. In this minireview, we will first introduce the synthesis of semiconductor nanomaterial-based epitaxial heterostructures by wet-chemical methods. Various architectures based on different kinds of seeds or templates are illustrated, and their growth mechanisms are discussed in detail. Then, the applications of epitaxial heterostructures in optoelectronics, catalysis and thermoelectrics are described. Finally, we provide some challenges and personal perspectives for the future research directions of semiconductor nanomaterial-based epitaxial heterostructures.



Heterostructure; Nanoarchitecture; Epitaxy; Wet-chemical synthesis; Semiconductor Nanomaterial

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