Nano-Micro Letters

Towards Flexible and Wearable Embroidered Supercapacitors from Cobalt Phosphides Decorated Conductive Fibers

Jianfeng Wen1, Bingang Xu1,*, Jinyun Zhou1

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Nano-Micro Lett. (2019) 11: 89

First Online: 17 October 2019 (Article)


*Corresponding author. E-mail: (Bingang Xu)





Wearable supercapactors (SCs) are gaining prominence as portable energy storage devices. To develop high-performance wearable SCs, the significant relationship among material, structure, and performance inspired us a delicate design of the highly wearable embroidered supercapacitors made from the conductive fibers composited. By rendering the conductive interdigitally-patterned embroidery as both the current collector and skeleton for the SCs, the novel pseudocapacitive material cobalt phosphides were then successfully electrodeposited, forming the first flexible and wearable in-plane wearable emebroidery SCs. The electrochemical measurements manifested that the highest specific capacitance was nearly 156.6 mF cm-2 (65.72 F g-1) at the current density of 0.6 mA cm-2 (0.25 A g-1), with a high energy density of 0.013 mWh cm-2 (5.55 Wh kg-1) at a power density of 0.24 mW cm-2 (100 W kg-1). As a demonstration, a monogrammed pattern was ingeniously designed and embroidered on the lab gown as the wearable in-plane SCs, which showed both decent electrochemical performance and excellent flexibility.



Wearable supercapacitor; Conductive fiber; Computerized embroidering; Interdigital pattern; Cobalt phosphide

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