Nano-Micro Letters

Ultra-thin Glass Film Coated with Graphene: A New Material for Spontaneous Emission Enhancement of Quantum Emitter

Lu Sun1, Chun Jiang1* Abstract
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Nano-Micro Letters, , Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 261-267

First Online: 04 Apr 2015 (Article)





Schematic diagram of an ultra-thin glass film coated with graphene monolayer 1 and monolayer 2. Quantum emitter which is approximated by an electric dipole is placed at the center of glass film whose thickness is denoted as d.
We propose an ultra-thin glass film coated with graphene as a new kind of surrounding material which can greatly enhance spontaneous emission rate (SER) of dipole emitter embedded in it. With properly designed parameters, numerical results show that SER enhanced factors as high as 1.286×106 can be achieved. The influences of glass film thickness and chemical potential/doping level of graphene on spontaneous emission enhancement are also studied in this paper. A comparison is made between graphene and other coating materials such as gold and silver to see their performances in SER enhancement.



Graphene surface plasmons; Graphene plasmonics; Quantum electrodynamics; Superradiance; Subwavelength structures

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