Nano-Micro Letters

High Performance Solid-state Supercapacitors Fabricated by Pencil Drawing and Polypyrrole Depositing on Paper Substrate

Jiayou Tao1,2,†, Wenzhen Ma1,†, Nishuang Liu1, Xiaoliang Ren1, Yuling Shi1, Jun Su1, Yihua Gao1,* Abstract
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Nano-Micro Letters, , Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 276-281

First Online: 10 Apr 2015 (Article)





a Schematic of fabrication process of the PPy-G-paper. b A SEM image of the G-paper. c A cross-sectional SEM image of the G-paper. d A SEM image of PPy-G-paper. e A cross- sectional SEM image of the PPy-G-paper. f XRD of the G-paper illustrating the graphite. g Raman spectra of the G-paper and PPy-G-paper.
A solid-state powerful supercapacitor is fabricated with a substrate of Xerox paper. Its current collector based on a foldable electronic circuit is developed by simply pencil drawing. Thin graphite sheets on paper provide effective channels for electrons transmission with a low resistance of 95 Ω sq-1. The conductive organic material of polypyrrole coated on thin graphite sheets acts as the electrode material of the device. The as-fabricated supercapacitor exhibits a high specific capacitance of 52.9 F cm-3 at a scan rate of 1 mV s-1. An energy storage unit fabricated by three full charged series supercapacitors can drive a commercial light-emitting diode robustly. This work demonstrated a simple, versatile and cost-effective method for paper-based devices.



Supercapacitor;Paper; Pencil drawing; Polypyrrole

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