Nano-Micro Letters

NML Researcher Award 2018 Recipients Announced 

The Nano-Micro Letters is pleased to announce the recipients of the NML Researcher Award 2018. The NML Researcher Award is established to recognize research excellence in the field of nano and micro science, with special consideration for those who have continuously made outstanding contributions to the development of science. 


Editor in Chief, Dr. Yafei (Anderson) Zhang: "All the applicants are excellent and outstanding in their research. Thank all of you for your contribution to the promotion of science, and your support to Nano-Micro Letters. "

    Dr.  Weibo Cai
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI


    Dr. Morteza Eslamian
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Dr. Bin Liu
    National University of Singapore

    Dr. Kostya Ostrikov
    Queensland University of Technology


    Dr. Fen Ran
    Lanzhou Univeristy of Technology

    Dr. Yugang Sun
    Temple University

    Dr. Chunyi Zhi
    City University of Hong Kong