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Nano-Micro Letters (NML) is an online Open Access journal reporting on original researches and concentrating on the latest advances in the science, engineering, technology and applications of nano and micro scale structures and systems, including experimental, theoretical and applied results on the physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and their expanding interfaces that have at least one dimension ranging from a few subnanometers to a few hundreds of micrometers. 

NML emphasizes the bottom-up approach in the length scale from Nano to Micro. The key for nanotechnology to reach industrial applications is to assemble, to modify, and to control the nanostructures in the Micro scale. NML aims to provide a publishing platform crossing the boundaries, from Nano to Micro, and from science to technology.

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All the Reviewers must be registered in Nano-Micro Letters' website to submit reviews. The review should contains reviewer 's opinion, advise and survey. Reviewers should avoid personal comments, and give estimates of the scientific value of the work.

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